Senior Height Unit

Senior Height Unit

Center unit for adjusting of chair seat height (at manufacturing stage). Ideal for customized senior or health care seating.

Product Information


Trombone Unit


430 100


  • Material: composite
  • Color: black
  • MK6 = 1°29’36” (=Patron swivel)
  • Cone type: Eurocone
  • Minimum height 0mm from swivel height
  • Maximum height +50mm from swivel height


  • See Cornet -, Patron – and Cylindo Column pages
  • 100mm or 140mm center shaft

Assembling instruction

  • Trombone is adaptable with Patron metal pipes, Cornet -, Patron and Cylindo Columns
  • Trombone is to be pressed into the Columns/pipes

Senior Height Unit PDF


Inspiration & Assembling 

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