Radius swivel

Radius swivel

Low swivel for chairs, for chairs with side tables and for audio shelves.

Product Information


Radius swivel set, rotation 360°


380 000


  • Super low swivel, at lowest only 7mm!
  • Material: composite
  • Color: grey or black
  • Surface: stone imitation


  • Underside fitting either Radius composite or metal washer
  • Double Radius set could be used for a chair side table
  • Also adaptable for rotating shelves etc!

Assembling instruction

  • Fittings for assembling: 1pc DIN603-8.8 M12*X, (screw length depending on construction), 1pc Washer Ø12,1/23,9 t=1mm and 1pc locking nut DIN980-M
  • Hole pattern for swivel, see page 33 Technical Details

Radius swivel PDF


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