Patron Release swivel

Patron Release swivel

Automatic return swivel with release function. Swivel with automatic return mechanism, adaptable for conical metal tube Ø50-Ø50.8mm.

Product Information


Patron Release swivel automatic return ˃360°


351 000R


  • Material: metal and composite
  • Color: black
  • Patented function
  • REACH-compliant and part of Svanen-labelled furniture pieces
  • Release of auto-return function at approx. 20kg weight


  • Cone information: page 32
  • Automatic return function: light, medium or heavy

Assembling instruction

  • Swivel is to be assembled in a conical metal pipe
  • The whole swivel body (102mm) needs the support of a metal pipe
  • Patron Release could be combined with Patron column, Cylindo column and Cornet column

Patron Release swivel PDF


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