Patron metal pipes

Patron metal pipes

Conical metal pipe models for Patron swivels, made from 50,8 x 2,00 or 50,0 x 2,00mm pipes.

Product Information


1 * cone, 351 165 (125mm)
2 * cone, 351 165-C (165mm)
1 * cone M12, 351 165-M12 (135mm)


  • MK6 = 1°29’36”.
  • Standard made from metal pipe Ø50.8mm.
  • Wall thickness of standard pipe 2mm.


  • Surface: raw metal or chrome (matt/shiny). Other surfaces on request
  • Lengths: Standard 165mm, other lengths on request
  • Conicity of pipe could be made deeper to assemble the swivel at a lower point
  • Also available in Aluminium

Assembling instruction

  • The Patron swivel is to be pressed into the pipe
    1. To be welded to metal legs (1a) / base (1b)
    2. To be assembled to a center hole of base Ø50mm Conicity 1°26’16”
    3. To be fastened to a base by an M12 screw

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